Sell your services online with Video on Demand

Create a revenue stream for your business and offer your clients digital experience and taste of your services in their home! Discover this new tool today.

3 steps to get started

1. Create

Upload your videos into our video library. Your customers can buy your videos directly from your website.

2. Promote

Share your website on social media or newsletter to promote new content.

3 Monetize

Setup payment methods and start selling your digital content to broad audience.

Create a new stream of revenue

Increase your revenue by selling your videos one by one or create new memberships and give them access to your video library.

Grow your community outside your studio

In 2020, trend to go more digital is stronger than ever. Businesses are moving online faster, delivering digital experience to customers. Customers can stay safe and engage with your studio with Video on Demand.

Stay open 24/7

With Sportimea video on demand, clients can watch videos on their own schedule and anywhere. It’s available 24/7 and can be offered as a standalone solution or as complement to live streaming.

Dive into the future of swim school management with Sportimea

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