About us

Sportimea is a powerful, easy to use course and class management platform. It helps streamline businesses to deliver the best possible customer experience. We empower children’s activity businesses by building the best solutions to simplify daily operations and to parents the opportunity to discover best activities for their kids.

We help Swim Schools to transform and automate operations with cloud solutions that drive participation while helping to grow.

You didn't become a business owner to spend up 32 hours a month on manual and repetitive admin work. You became a owner to help customer on their swimming journey while building a money-making, hassle-free business and it’s our mission to make this process as painless as possible for you.

About Sportimea

Values & culture

Our values are guiding principles behind our behaviour and our culture at Sportimea.

We’re curious

We’re instantly curious. We learn, we discover, we ask questions, we challenge assumptions and we’re obsessed with the word why.

We’re ambitious

We believe that great technology can make the entire human experience better.

We care

Our customer-first focus is at the core of everything you do. We care and do our best to help our customers succeed.

We’re human

We all make mistakes. You can’t take risks if you’re afraid to fail. The key is to learn, get feedback and improve.

We collaborate

We believe in the power of working collaboratively. We embrace customer needs and challenges to deliver on their expectations.

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