Take your Swim School to the next level with Sportimea.

Streamline your operations, boost sales, and track analytics with our all-in-one swim school management software. Sell merchandise, gift cards, and more through our high-converting online store. Dive into success with Sportimea.

Boost your swim school's growth with Sportimea's all-in-one management software.

From streamlining payments to selling merchandise and gift cards, Sportimea's integrated online store has everything your swim school needs to thrive digitally. With a high-converting checkout and flexible options, you'll sell more products, save time, and lower costs. Dive into success with Sportimea.


Boost sales with hassle-free gift card sales

Selling gift cards has never been easier. With Sportimea, you can offer hassle-free online gift card sales to your customers, boosting your revenue and providing a convenient gifting option. Streamline your swim school management and increase sales with our simple and effective gift card solution.


Boost revenue with an online swim gear store

Don't miss out on potential revenue from your swim school. Sell swim gear online with Sportimea's swim school management software with integrated online store and watch your profits soar. Increase convenience for your customers and maximize your revenue while saving time and effort.


Unlock your swim school's growth potential

Don't leave your swim school's growth to chance. Track sales, orders, and analytics with Sportimea to uncover insights that will fuel your business's expansion. With data-driven decision-making, you can optimize your strategies and unlock your swim school's full growth potential.


Manage Your Finances Seamlessly with QuickBooks

Say goodbye to manual updates and the headache of keeping your books accurate. With Quickbooks integration, streamline your financial management process and focus on what you love - running a successful swim school.


Never miss a sale with real-time inventory tracking

Stay on top of your merchandise and never miss a sale. With Sportimea's real-time inventory tracking, you'll always know when stock is running low and can restock before it's too late. Keep your customers happy and maximize sales with automated notifications for low stock items.

Dive into the future of swim school management with Sportimea

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