The Ultimate Guide to Branding for Yoga Studios

01 Aug 2017

Why your yoga studio needs a brand, how branding really works, and the right way to build a brand that you and your students will love.


The word, “branding” comes with many connotations, doesn’t it? It can literally mean to make a physical mark with a branding iron (ouch!) or to imply something as wrong or shameful (i.e., “The conference ended up branding them as hostile”). For these reasons, it’s little wonder some of us scoff at the idea of needing to “build a brand” for our yoga businesses.


Why Your Studio Needs a Brand

Let me tell you about some of the reasons why branding should be seen as a helpful approach to making your conceptual mark (without the heated branding iron rod) on the yogiverse.

  1. Clarity: During the process of designing a brand, you’re getting super crystal clear about what you offer, whom you offer it to, and how you effectively communicate all of that to an audience.
  2. Consistency: Your branding is more than a logo that is used on your signage, website, business cards, and email signature. It even encompasses how you greet students when they arrive.
  3. Experience: A brand is about the experience that someone is having while interacting with any aspect of your yoga studio.

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” ~ Jeff Bezos


Of course, this isn’t to get you paranoid and stressed out over details. But it isto get you thinking about what that experience is like for the person on the receiving end.



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