The Ultimate Facebook Ads Guide: I Spent $3 Million on Facebook Ads and This Is Everything I Know About It

15 Jan 2017

Absolutely everything there is to know about Facebook ads and how to completely master it to get killer results. Get all the information, tips, hacks and insights in one place.


Learn all the best practices of Facebook advertising: How to use the different tools, which ad types and campaign objectives to use. Get to know all the targeting methods and how to use each of them. Find out how to correctly track the results, and discover which metrics really matters.


Why Facebook ads?


There are endless reasons to use Facebook ads and it will be impossible to count and explain all of them in this post. To make it short – Facebook is currently the most effective digital marketing channel. It’s not only the best in its vast and accurate targeting options, creativity and optimization. In most cases, Facebook is also the cheapest way to achieve your goals. No matter if you are a B2B or a B2C marketer, or if you are promoting a mobile app or a fin-tech startup – Facebook has a great solution for you.


Add that to the fact that people are spending time on Facebook more than other digital channels. So even if you are trying to target professionals, you are more likely to “catch” them on Facebook, than on Linkedin.



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