Top 5 Must-Have Features of Online Booking System

13 Jun 2016

Whether you run a fitness gym in London or spa in Thailand, you will want to provide your customers with a state of the art online booking system.


Here’s our pick of the top 5 must-have features that gym and spa should have when considering online booking system:


#1 Visual Calendar


A visual calendar allows your customers to see what your weekly calendar look like at a glance. It’s an easy way to see any activity available seats. The fact that it updates automatically means there’s one source of the truth. This is much more efficient than going back and forth with your papers to double-check.


#2 Real-Time Booking


Real-time booking features allow you as gym or spa owner the freedom to choose when and where you will offer specific reservations. At the same time, customers can book their favorites activities when it is convenient for them, and they receive immediate confirmation of their reservation. This gets rid of the hassle of answering phone-in availability enquiries.


#3 Beautiful Image Gallery


High resolution images allow customers to visualize what they will experience when they book with your company. An image gallery on the booking system allows you highlight features of any specific activity. To give your business character it’s also important to put up images of your team at work.


#4 Access to the Cloud


Your days aren’t spent sitting in front of a desktop computer all day. You probably manage your business over your smart phone or tablet as well, so ideally you want to have a booking system that works with ‘the cloud’. ‘Cloud’- based software allows you to manage your business remotely, anywhere, anytime while you’re on the go and working with customers at the same time.


#5 Online Support and Phone Support


As with any technological addition to your business, your team and customers might need support when it comes to their online booking system. When you are taking advantage of the many free trials out there, test out the helpfulness of their support team. Make sure you invest in a system that offers both online customer support and customer support over the phone.



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