The Effect of Digital Transformation on the Fitness Industry

01 Dec 2016

By the end of the decade, more than half of humanity will be digitally connected in living, learning and working. This part of humanity uses terms such as Social Media, Mobile, web-based applications, industry 4.0, digital business models, Internet of Things, Big Data etc., to describe this phenomenon, which influences our daily life as an individual and part of a global society.


Whilst for many of us digital networking is all around us and has become a matter of course, for others it has associations with extensive challenges or even existential fears. The amount of data and information, which would have taken a whole lifetime to reach our predecessors over one hundred years ago, today inundates digitally connected people in a single day.


Digital Transformation – a Global Megatrend


Being connected digitally substantially changes the ways businesses compete successfully. By entering the field of research around digitalization, the Munich Business School is seizing on a global megatrend, which is developing economic power comparable at least with the invention of the steam engine or the automation of industrial production. Digital transformation will affect all industries and increase considerably the need to be able to innovate rapidly.



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