The booking platform built exclusively for your studio or gym.

Sportimea is designed to simplify and automate all operations for modern studios and delight their customers. From bookings to attendance, from frontdesk to online payments, every process is easier, faster and more connected.

booking system
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Grow your online community

Create a new revenue streams, offer digital experience and taste of your business to your clients in their own home! DISCOVER this new tool today.

Digitize, optimize and grow

Automate your operations, setup best practices to activate full potential for your growth while delivering magical customer experience.

We care about you

Have a team close to you. True partner helping you with marketing, growth, pricing and strategy on your journey.

What makes Sportimea different?

Great experience, delight customers.

We are bringing people and businesses together by enabling them to easily find and book their services online.

Health and Fitness. Simplified.

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