Helping Swim Schools to Grow

Sportimea streamlines businesses to boost productivity, increase revenue and deliver the best possible customer experience. We empower Swim Schools by offering the most flexible solutions to simplify daily operations and to parents the simplest app to manage their swim lessons.

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We analyze and understand your unique needs and propose the best solution.


We look on your operations, streamline your business to save time and unlock potential for growth.


We integrate all data and processes in one platform to be ready to scale and take your swim school to the next level.

Why Sportimea

Tailored to Swim School Needs

Our intuitive and user-friendly system tailored to your business is suitable for both single locations or multi-locations. Our open platform gives you exceptional flexibility to customize your system, integrate with other systems and provide an exceptional customer experience in all aspects of your business from booking to branding.

"Only Sportimea was willing to prepare the system for us to the maximum extent possible, reflecting our needs, which is admirable given the number of specifics! All other systems were unusable for us, it was too flexible and ready for another type of customer." Klára, PlayWisely

Exceptional customer experience

Sportimea means having satisfied customers who manage their bookings independently and conveniently, simply buy and pay for your services. Our system is designed so that your customer gets to their goal as quickly as possible.

"Great, very personal and client-friendly customer service!" Klára, PlayWisely

Easy to Use

Seamless integration makes it easy to manage all areas of your business in one platform.

Personaled support

What really sets us apart is our personal approach to customer support and success, industry expertise and professional support whenever you need it. It all starts with a deep understading of your needs, personal onboarding training. You can also consult with us about system improvements if needed.

"TOP! Absolutely top customer support, speed, passion to satify our needs.", Bára, B Pole dance

Dive into the future of swim school management with Sportimea

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