About us

We believe in simplification in health, wellness and kids activities by connecting facilities closier to their customers and communities. Connecting facilities into single platform and global network creates huge opportunities among companies and people to move sport industry to the next level. Innovation is key to our success, and we continue to invest in the best technology and solutions. Join us to help move sport industry to digital age.



Our vision

We want to inspire and help people to be more Active and more Healtier.


Our vision is simplified access to sport and wellness activities by creating global booking platform across sport industries enabling a simple way to discover and book sport activities, courses, find sport buddies, get news about interesting sport events around, bringing people closer to facilities with one login.



One access


Sportimea seamlessly integrates various facilities into global booking platform enabling people to discover and book activities like yoga, pilates, dance, swim, massage, tennis or kids classes from one place. Get instantly news about interesting events around you without searching or random updates from your friends. 



Mobile memberships


Memberships and passes are everywhere around us, in shops, gyms, hotels or airlines. We believe this have to go ditigal and mobile. Othewise your wallet will blow out. Enjoy any mobile device even more by simply booking sport or wellness activity.





You may find many sport catalogues, listings which try to provide overview of activities and simplified access to information in specific area but most of them are complicated or outdated. At the end people have to check websites of multiple facilities. Even making calls or filling forms to book facility. Many of scheduling and booking systems are old-fashioned,  not user or mobile friendly and all of them are standalone. Why not to have all of them in one place, called Marketplace.



Social network


Innovation and technology provide new opportunities to search and book sports activities, even finding new sport buddy may be easier then before. Encourage people and your clients to be more social. Sportimea brings innovative way how people interact between each other, facilities and trainers.



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